Children love parties. It seems these days we are inspired to think outside of the box, and our children are happily coming along for the ride of highly personalised, imaginative birthday parties that mean so much more. Though many still host parties at home, mums, dads and kids alike have been influenced by the latest trends, and one thing is certain, creativity is key.


5 of the birthday party trends to watch in 2016


1. Personalised themes


Gone are the days of the generic birthday party. A child’s favourite thing can bring a party to life and create a personalised experience that makes the birthday kid feel extra special. Superheros, trampolines, princesses or fairytales, where ideas are at our finger tips, we can either hand-make or order highly personalised items to fit any theme. The sky is the limit when it comes to special touches.


2. Unique Experiences


Our lives are filled with happy memories, many of them from bigger occasions. A child’s birthday party is an opportunity to give our children and guests an event to remember. Activities that engage kids, such as art or science parties, cricket camps or build-a-bear parties let them come away with something to show for their efforts. For active children, you could even host a party somewhere that children can bounce, climb, run and play freely and noisily.


3. Themed Invitations

A birthday boy or girl can choose from hundreds of uniquely themed invitations to match almost any style. Uploading a special photo of your child, switching backdrops, changing font and adding logos to a delightfully designed invitation is achievable in a few quick steps. And let’s not forget adding magnets so the recipient can keep the invite in plain site on the fridge until the big day.


4. Smaller Guest lists



Though themes and experiences have become more impressive these days, one opposing trend is the move towards a more intimate guest list, consisting of closer friends and family. The end result is that guests list are becoming cosier, and that may be a good thing. A guide of the same number of children as the party age + 1 can help you draw the line.


5. Outsourcing The Venue

Hosting a party at a venue offers a number of benefits – first and foremost, the convenience of hassle-free party planning that many venues offer which helps with our increasingly busy lives. They’ll let you choose from a number of themes, handle all of the decorating and provide a fun space to play and eat cake. No house to clean beforehand and no messy clean-up afterwards!


One thing never changes, a child’s birthday party is one of their best days of the year.
Even just following one of these new trends may help make their day a bit more special!