Our Instagram feed has us scrolling through hunderds of amazing images on a daily basis. We scroll through the cutest of newborns, the most gorgeous mummas, and then there's the kids that look as though they must never be naughty!! Arhhh Instagram we love you so, but sometimes it's just way to easy to get caught up wishing our lives were a little more like those #instamums! But every once in a while an incredible mumma inspires us with a journey, story and empowered page with posts that makes us laugh, cry, feel strong and totally inspired all at once.

These 5 women are a must to follow and connect with on Instagram!

  1.  @Hipster_mum


@Hipster_Mum is a playful fun and hillarious instagram feed featuring so many little nuggets of gold! From funny quotes about parenting to honest advice and motivational messages!

We love this quote from @Hipster_Mum "If you can balance the everyday joys and pain-in-the-ass realities of parenting with honesty and a sense of style, you’ve got a plan that’s just so crazy it might work."






 2. @gratitude_project


Angela Simson is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, happiness researcher, mother and wife. Her page is so connected, honest and real. The Gratitude Project website also features the most lovely ebook titled "30 Days of Self Love" which shares tools for creating connection and nourishment for your mind, body and soul.





 3. @rachelle.rowlings


This lady tells it how it is! A mum who shares the ups and downs of parenthood in an entertaining and engaging way. Don't just look at her lovely pics because its the commentary on @rachelle.rowlings instagram posts that will have you laughing real belly laughs!!



4. @notsomumsy


Not So Mumsy is “an online community for like-minded mamas who love and celebrate motherhood, but also retain a sense of self and style.” in between the stunning stylish images of Marcia and her family are sweet little quotes that will make you smile. Her page features pretty pictures and honest words. A winning combo. 



As most of you know I’m a big believer in signs from the universe. My #nsmfertility story is full of them. From the baby girl clothes my cleaner placed around my home, to the random pink balloon on our way to the IVF transfer that conceived Poppy, to the dozens of reflection rainbows covering belly on the morning of my baby shower.... And just when I thought I’d shared them all.... After our second loss my husband randomly sent me a picture of a neon sign that said “Always believe something wonderful is going to happen..” I cried buckets. I was in a very dark place and found so much comfort in the saying. It became my mantra as I navigated the following weeks. I kind of filed it away, and forgot about it until last Sunday, halfway through Poppy’s first birthday party. I looked down at a little table decorated at the last minute by @jo_kalivas_events_styling - she’d placed all of my favourite pictures of Poppy - and swipe to see what sat in the middle.... yep. A vase with that very saying. Surrounded by my something wonderful. At her magical unicorn party. Jo doesn’t even know this yet!... So just a little reminder if you’re still waiting for your something or someone wonderful. Always believe it’s about to happen


5. @alongcamefox


It's the simple things in life. @Alongcamefox is a page that shares the little moments of joy and happiness whilst sharing an inspired approch to parenting. Its so lovely to see her children getting their hands dirty in the garden and happily playing in nature. Along Came Fox is definity worth a follow.



A M I R I G H T // or am I right? Tonight Fox decided to go exorcist level toddler on me. I am talking full on unstoppable back arching ear piercing cling to the door frame of the car and yell at mum while trying to kick her but cling to her at the same time kinda tantrum. For a second I thought the federal police accross the road were going to call the asylum. Or child protective services. I was probably more scared of the later if I am honest because the asylum would at least give me a mama break. Sometimes. Just rarely. Ok not rarely at all. I wonder if I am cut out for this mum gig. Did your toddler test your sanity today? . . . . . . #whereisthelove #mustardmonday #mumlife #realtalk #motherhoodisabitch #motherhood #ilovehimreally #ijustdontlikehimsometimes #behindthescenes #foxienaps

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If you follow an inspired mumma or mumma to be, we'd love to hear!  Comment below with your favourite women to follow on instagram!