Bridesmaids are our sisters, our sisters to be and our friends who are like sisters. They are the beautiful souls who we have shared the ups and downs of life with. They are the women who have been there for us when times have been dark or the road has taken an unexpected turn. They are the ones who have been with us just living, laughing and simply enjoying the blessings of life.

Bridesmaids are our wedding safe guard making sure we don’t make hideous flower choices or take the wedding planning so serious we fall into a heap. Bridesmaids are the beautiful women who will keep us sane in times of wedding stress and remind us to smile when the cake accidently falls of the bench the night before the wedding.

And most importantly our Bridesmaids are the beautiful women who will stand next to us as we marry the person of our dreams.

So these beautiful ladies are pretty special to us... and I think it's safe to say we need to ask them the big question in the most special way.  The beautiful collection of ideas below will help you decide on the best way to ask your special girls to be your Bridesmaids!





There is something so lovely about receiving a beautiful package of goodies. This lovely box is from The Bridal Box Co and we think it is the perfect way to ask your best girls to be your Bridemaids. This gift box is not only a lovely gesture but will be super handy on your wedding day! And the sneaky bottle of Champagne will be just what is needed to calm those wedding day nerves.




We connect with our friends in so many ways, whether it be double tapping a pic on Instagram or liking a post on facebook, sending a snap chat or a quick txt. But it is becoming less and less common for us to write a letter to each other! This is why it is such a thoughtful gift to receive a hand written note. One that your lovely ladies will be sure to keep for a very long time!


Why not set up a beautiful lunch by the sea. Gather some old palettes, drape in a lovely linen or lace table cloth, add a beautiful bunch of stunning flowers and top with the yummiest cheese platter you've ever created! Use throw cushions as seats and place it all on a lovely big picnic rug! Just add your lovely Bridesmaids and you have set the stage for a beautiful and memorable location to ask your lovely ladies the big question!


We love these pretty gifts from Fox Blossom Co. So delicately packaged with the sweetest little message. These will surely win the hearts of your bridemaids and they will be so pleased to wear these beautiful jewels down the isle.



To help out our beautiful Brides To Be we are offering 4 free "Will you be my Bridesmaid" Printables

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3. If you would like us to print them for you, simply load your artwork into this C6 card template on our website.