From behind the design team’s desks, we encounter multiple wedding thank you cards daily. Nautrally, we are always keen to see the type of wedding photos which are being chosen to upload and print onto their special momentos! Weddings are such a major part of our clientelle here at Paper Divas, and we always treat every order with care and respect when it is being printed - ensuring that we get the best quality result, so that you are nothing less than over the moon with your printed cards :)

This had us thinking, what are the most bizarre, creative & unique wedding photographs that we have ever seen?

Turn to Instagram, and we are lost inside a world of creative genius – a mix of daring photographers, coupled with brave brides & gregarious grooms! Think colourful smoke bombs, tropical reef backdrops, long-exposure flames,  and even the very talented multiple-exposure editing!

If this all sounds a little bit strange, keep scrolling to see our four top wedding photography ideas, as inspired by Pinterest, Instagram and the amazing photographers out there! See if any of these ideas spark some intrigue for your own wedding day - we would love to see what you come up with!




Amazing Photography Idea #1




A relatively new trend has been gracing the feed on Pinterest for weddings - smoke bombs!! Create a completely random, totally unique and etherial image by using something as simple as a smoke bomb!

Your photographer will probably need the help of an assistant to capture these types of dreamy landscapes, hopefully dry air, and very little wind! They're easy to purchase, and come in an array of colours, so you can get so creative and have so much fun when you unlesh the unscripted beauty of a smoke bomb, as captured so beautifully by Malou Peters and Jessica Oh below.



An assistant can be hiding just off the frame of the shot to get the smoke in a good position, or the couple can play with the smoke bombs themselves and create the movement.





Amazing Photography Idea #2






This whimsy effect is down to pure talent by the photographer, coupled with a bit of luck! You could talk to your photographer before the day to ask if they can take a few captures of the location or landscape so that you can receive a couple of super-special double-exposure photos in your album. They can either achieve the double-exposure affect by some skillful Photoshop or even in-camera techniques.







Amazing Photography Idea #3



Perhaps if you’re having a destination wedding, or maybe doing a trash the dress photoshoot, then don’t underestimate the drama and beauty of an underwater photoshoot! What better way to capture the raw beauty of your elopement in the Pacific Islands than with a view from above and below the water... Imagine the thrill your friends & family will feel when they see just what you got up to on your wedding day!






Amazing Photography Idea #4






By late in the evening both you, your new hubby and the photographer are probably all feeling really confident and creative with your wedding photos! Time to let your hair down and try something totally new! All you need are some sparklers, a torch or even an LED light, a tripod and a little bit of patience! Your photographer will change the settings on their big fancy camera to allow for a long-exposure photo, which may be up to about 10 seconds long. This means that you have 10 seconds to stay still as a handy assistant will run around and 'paint' with light! The results speak for themselves, and surely a moment in time you will treasure forever.