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Honeymoon Destinations - 2019

14/11/2018 3:02 PM

This is not just any holiday. It’s your honeymoon! It’s meant to be a once in-a-lifetime experience that you will alway remember. And a great opportunity for you and your newly loved-up spouse to steal time away from the madness of the world (and all the wedding planning that has been consuming your time). Not only can your honeymoon be relaxing, but also a great way to have fun and experience new cultures with the love of your life.

But WHERE to go on your honeymoon can produce a lively pre-nuptial discussion - there are SO many options!

I’m not getting married or going on a honeymoon anytime soon... but a girl can dream! So below is a list of the places I’m dreaming of.
I hope they give you and your fiance inspiration and prompt lively discussion ..... Did someone say “Tropical Island”....


Bora Bora
When I think honeymoon, I think tropical island, and Bora Bora is truly the stuff honeymoon fantasies are made of!  Pure white sandy beaches for miles, crystal clear waters and rustic huts floating over the ocean - what more could a girl ask for!  In between romantic helicopter rides, snorkelling the coral reefs and sampling the cocktails, it would be difficult not to relax with your new "hubby" / "wife". 


With it’s undeniable reputation as the most romantic city in the world, it only seems fair to shortlist Paris as your perfect honeymoon destination.  A sunset cruise to the “Temple of Love” (yes it’s really called that) might interest you, or perhaps a tango along the seine is more your scene.  Either way,  between the historic architecture, world-renowned art, glorious food and delectable wine, it would be difficult not to get swept away by the romance that can only be found in the city of lights (or la Ville des Lumières as they say in French).


Few places are as romantic as the greek islands and Santorini might just be the most stunning of them all. This small volcanic island is known for its seriously stunning sunsets and pristine whitewashed villas.  Even couples who get antsy after an hour of beach time will find lots to explore. Take a scooter to the famous red sand beaches, check out ancient ruins, visit wineries, go hiking and window shop in the many boutiques.


The island's clear waters, tropical sunsets and lush greenery make Hawaii a no-brainer for a romantic getaway. Your honeymoon will be full of snorkeling trips and dreamy horseback rides along the beach. Watch the sunrise while wrapped in a blanket at the top of Haleakala Crater, or gaze at the sunset as you cruise along the Kihei coastline. Instant romance.


Canadian Rocky mountains
If you are an outdoorsy couple then this might just be the perfect destination for your ultimate romantic honeymoon. With pristine wilderness at your doorstep beckoning for you to explore, you may be tempted enough to leave your rustic log cabin. Finish each day next to a cozy crackling fireplace, a glass of red from a nearby winery - all while snuggled up to your sweetheart.

Wherever you choose, I hope your honeymoon is everything that you dreamed of and more.  Have fun planning!



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Flower Crowns

10/07/2018 3:25 PM

Flower crowns make us happy. Whether it's a delicate arrangement of soft greenery or a bold bright arrangement of seasonal blooms, they are just so nice to look at. We've been busy curating a few of our favorite florists from around Australia. Take a look below.

 The Posy Supply Co

The Posy Supply Co offers beautiful floral bunches for weddings and events as well as a stunning array of flower crowns. The styling of these crowns is second to none. The Posy Supply Co has an eye for matching colour and creating contemporary styled arrangements. Head over to their Instagram if you like their aesthetic, (which I know you will) their feed will brighten up your instagram scroll daily.

 Shannon Hawkes Artisan Florals

Shannon Hawkes Artisan Florals celebrate an ethos of inspired, fun-filled creativity into all the work they do. If you are after customised floral displays and installations for your wedding or looking for fun at a flower crown party be sure to get in contact with this store located in the Central Queensland coastal town of Yepoon. If you check out their online store you will find some lovely products from ironpot honey soap to tea and candles.

Poppy and Fern Flowers

Poppy and Fern belongs to Byron Bay based Jess. Jess has been a florist for 12 years. Jess says "I still get excited about unpacking the boxes that come in and handing my brides there bouquets for the first time gives me the warm and fuzzes and quite often tears in my eyes."

We adore the look of Jess' beautiful flower crown parties and think they would make a lovely activity for a bridal shower.

 The Queens Quarters

The Queens Quarters is an Adelaide based Event Design & Floristry studio. The studio doesn't just run Flower Crown workshops. They have a very diverse studio working on wedding floral design, running an online flower and plant shop, styling events and offering event hire. We just love the look of this amazing space.

 Mint and Melon

We will let Mint and Melon describe themselves as I don't think we could do it so well.

“Mint and Melon is a collaboration of bohemian style and modern femininity… we specialise in handmade silk flower crowns and fashion accessories for all occasions. Born from the need to be different, we do not run with the pack, we make our own destinies and for that we are unique… some call us quirky, we say creative. We are all about high quality boutique style, we do not skimp on perfection for that is what we value most!"

Aggie and Lola

Aggie and Lola sell Australian made contemporary headpieces and accessories. All their florals are handcrafted in Perth and designed to make you feel your best, whatever the occasion. So before you plan your hens night, wedding or even a baby shower be sure to get in touch with the team for some gorgeous flower crown options.


If you follow are or know someone who makes flower crowns or runs flower crowns workshops please comment below, We'd love to see more images!


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From behind the design team’s desks, we encounter multiple wedding thank you cards daily. Nautrally, we are always keen to see the type of wedding photos which are being chosen to upload and print onto their special momentos! Weddings are such a major part of our clientelle here at Paper Divas, and we always treat every order with care and respect when it is being printed - ensuring that we get the best quality result, so that you are nothing less than over the moon with your printed cards :)

This had us thinking, what are the most bizarre, creative & unique wedding photographs that we have ever seen?

Turn to Instagram, and we are lost inside a world of creative genius – a mix of daring photographers, coupled with brave brides & gregarious grooms! Think colourful smoke bombs, tropical reef backdrops, long-exposure flames,  and even the very talented multiple-exposure editing!

If this all sounds a little bit strange, keep scrolling to see our four top wedding photography ideas, as inspired by Pinterest, Instagram and the amazing photographers out there! See if any of these ideas spark some intrigue for your own wedding day - we would love to see what you come up with!




Amazing Photography Idea #1




A relatively new trend has been gracing the feed on Pinterest for weddings - smoke bombs!! Create a completely random, totally unique and etherial image by using something as simple as a smoke bomb!

Your photographer will probably need the help of an assistant to capture these types of dreamy landscapes, hopefully dry air, and very little wind! They're easy to purchase, and come in an array of colours, so you can get so creative and have so much fun when you unlesh the unscripted beauty of a smoke bomb, as captured so beautifully by Malou Peters and Jessica Oh below.



An assistant can be hiding just off the frame of the shot to get the smoke in a good position, or the couple can play with the smoke bombs themselves and create the movement.





Amazing Photography Idea #2






This whimsy effect is down to pure talent by the photographer, coupled with a bit of luck! You could talk to your photographer before the day to ask if they can take a few captures of the location or landscape so that you can receive a couple of super-special double-exposure photos in your album. They can either achieve the double-exposure affect by some skillful Photoshop or even in-camera techniques.







Amazing Photography Idea #3



Perhaps if you’re having a destination wedding, or maybe doing a trash the dress photoshoot, then don’t underestimate the drama and beauty of an underwater photoshoot! What better way to capture the raw beauty of your elopement in the Pacific Islands than with a view from above and below the water... Imagine the thrill your friends & family will feel when they see just what you got up to on your wedding day!






Amazing Photography Idea #4






By late in the evening both you, your new hubby and the photographer are probably all feeling really confident and creative with your wedding photos! Time to let your hair down and try something totally new! All you need are some sparklers, a torch or even an LED light, a tripod and a little bit of patience! Your photographer will change the settings on their big fancy camera to allow for a long-exposure photo, which may be up to about 10 seconds long. This means that you have 10 seconds to stay still as a handy assistant will run around and 'paint' with light! The results speak for themselves, and surely a moment in time you will treasure forever.




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Mums who Inspire

6/06/2018 3:14 PM



Our Instagram feed has us scrolling through hunderds of amazing images on a daily basis. We scroll through the cutest of newborns, the most gorgeous mummas, and then there's the kids that look as though they must never be naughty!! Arhhh Instagram we love you so, but sometimes it's just way to easy to get caught up wishing our lives were a little more like those #instamums! But every once in a while an incredible mumma inspires us with a journey, story and empowered page with posts that makes us laugh, cry, feel strong and totally inspired all at once.

These 5 women are a must to follow and connect with on Instagram!

  1.  @Hipster_mum


@Hipster_Mum is a playful fun and hillarious instagram feed featuring so many little nuggets of gold! From funny quotes about parenting to honest advice and motivational messages!

We love this quote from @Hipster_Mum "If you can balance the everyday joys and pain-in-the-ass realities of parenting with honesty and a sense of style, you’ve got a plan that’s just so crazy it might work."






 2. @gratitude_project


Angela Simson is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, happiness researcher, mother and wife. Her page is so connected, honest and real. The Gratitude Project website also features the most lovely ebook titled "30 Days of Self Love" which shares tools for creating connection and nourishment for your mind, body and soul.





 3. @rachelle.rowlings


This lady tells it how it is! A mum who shares the ups and downs of parenthood in an entertaining and engaging way. Don't just look at her lovely pics because its the commentary on @rachelle.rowlings instagram posts that will have you laughing real belly laughs!!



4. @notsomumsy


Not So Mumsy is “an online community for like-minded mamas who love and celebrate motherhood, but also retain a sense of self and style.” in between the stunning stylish images of Marcia and her family are sweet little quotes that will make you smile. Her page features pretty pictures and honest words. A winning combo. 



As most of you know I’m a big believer in signs from the universe. My #nsmfertility story is full of them. From the baby girl clothes my cleaner placed around my home, to the random pink balloon on our way to the IVF transfer that conceived Poppy, to the dozens of reflection rainbows covering belly on the morning of my baby shower.... And just when I thought I’d shared them all.... After our second loss my husband randomly sent me a picture of a neon sign that said “Always believe something wonderful is going to happen..” I cried buckets. I was in a very dark place and found so much comfort in the saying. It became my mantra as I navigated the following weeks. I kind of filed it away, and forgot about it until last Sunday, halfway through Poppy’s first birthday party. I looked down at a little table decorated at the last minute by @jo_kalivas_events_styling - she’d placed all of my favourite pictures of Poppy - and swipe to see what sat in the middle.... yep. A vase with that very saying. Surrounded by my something wonderful. At her magical unicorn party. Jo doesn’t even know this yet!... So just a little reminder if you’re still waiting for your something or someone wonderful. Always believe it’s about to happen


5. @alongcamefox


It's the simple things in life. @Alongcamefox is a page that shares the little moments of joy and happiness whilst sharing an inspired approch to parenting. Its so lovely to see her children getting their hands dirty in the garden and happily playing in nature. Along Came Fox is definity worth a follow.



A M I R I G H T // or am I right? Tonight Fox decided to go exorcist level toddler on me. I am talking full on unstoppable back arching ear piercing cling to the door frame of the car and yell at mum while trying to kick her but cling to her at the same time kinda tantrum. For a second I thought the federal police accross the road were going to call the asylum. Or child protective services. I was probably more scared of the later if I am honest because the asylum would at least give me a mama break. Sometimes. Just rarely. Ok not rarely at all. I wonder if I am cut out for this mum gig. Did your toddler test your sanity today? . . . . . . #whereisthelove #mustardmonday #mumlife #realtalk #motherhoodisabitch #motherhood #ilovehimreally #ijustdontlikehimsometimes #behindthescenes #foxienaps

A post shared by Rosie (@alongcamefox) on


If you follow an inspired mumma or mumma to be, we'd love to hear!  Comment below with your favourite women to follow on instagram!

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Warm up for a Winter Wedding!

1/06/2018 1:11 PM

Winter Wedding Myths Debunked!

As we have just entered into another idyllic Australian winter, our thoughts and inspired ideas have turned to those planning a Winter wedding.

Often engaged couples can be turned off the idea of a winter wedding, due to weather inconsistencies, the risk of a change of venue depending on rain/hail/snow/wind, or maybe they're worried about how to accessorise a wedding frock for colder temps - or all of the above!!



Making the most of Seasonal Flowers

Just becuase your favourite peonies or bright tulips might not be in season for your winter wedding, don’t feel limited by the creative scope for an awe-inspiring floral bouquet.

In Australia, the options are still abundant! Some of the most popular wedding flowers which you can consider for a winter-time wedding are:

Camellias, Hyacinth, Iris, Oriental Lillies, Singapore Orchids, Glass House Roses, Anemones, Ranunculus, Jonquils, Antheriums, Camellias, Carnations, Gardenias, Gladiolis, Sweet Peas, Daphnes, Star of Bethlehems, Freesias, Gardenia, Gladioli, Hyacinth, Iris, Magnolias, Poppies, Oriental Lilies, Lavender.

Now with that list you can hardly feel limited anymore! Take a walk in your local park, a friend’s farm or nature reserve and take in the bounty of native greenery too - this might prove to be a potentially free resource for dressing your table setting!



You don't have to freeze in your wedding dress!

They say that if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes, it shows on your face! Well if something like this is true, then we don’t want to risk the bride (or the bridal party) getting chilled on your wedding day. To keep you warm and glowing, why not embrace the change in temps and go for a wedding dress with sleeves. Tatiana (pictured above) went one step further, and actually coupled her wedding ensemble with a black leather jacket too!

If you want to be a bit more subtle, you could try hiding some warm tights under your long frock and perhaps even wear boots instead of open heels. Other warm accessories are a (preferrably faux) fur stole, a veil, scarf, shrug, cape or even a chic cardigan.

Read more about Tatiana's chilly central coast NSW wedding the Hello May blog. Image credit: Scott Surplice Photography


Be cool, in cool tones

Winter wedding colour palettes are actually my personal favourite! There’s something so special about the restraint of a palette of desaturated cool tones, greys and greens. Of course, there is no ‘rule’ about what exactly winter colours should be, rather an inspiration drawn from the landscape during the season.

Alternatively to create some contrast, a very popular trend is to warm up an event with the dramatic touch of a rich crimson colour palette. Nothing warms the shackles of your heart more than a day celebrating love, so why not dress your wedding day with a lavish and heart-warming ruby or crimson tone, set next to a bit of rustic brass or gold for some shine.

There is no right or wrong, but if you're feeling stuck consider the landscape or building where you’re getting married and how this may influence your wedding theme. We believe that your save the date cards and wedding invitations are the best way to set the tone for your wedding day. We have tried to cater for every theme and style imaginable with our range of designer wedding invitations!

Naturally, if there’s something specific which you want changed or custom-made, then our design team are all ears - get in touch!


Eat local & seasonal fare!

 Get cozy with the plethora of delicious winter comfort food on offer for your wedding reception. When you think of winter food, soup is one of the first foods that comes to mind. Take it beyond the predictable and try serving spicy tomato soup in shot glasses for a cocktail reception!

Couple some hearty red protein with local merlot, served up next to sides of root vegetables and greens. Later in the evening you could go one step further to both warm up (and loosen up) your guests by having home-made mulled wine on hand!


For more Winter Wedding ideas, check out our Pinterest board. And as always, we welcome your comments & ideas below!

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I find myself wondering and I thought you might be too... just where do all those beautiful flowers go when the wedding vows have been read, the glamorous dinner party has come to an end and the last song has struck its final note?

I just can't help thinking about the many bunches of seasonal florals that must go to waste when the wedding day ends. So just how can you let the ephemeral beauty of Wedding florals last a little longer?

Here are four solutions to giving your wedding flowers life beyond the wedding day.




There are so many great ways to preserve your wedding bouquet. One really lovely way to cherish the beauty of your bouquet is to create an elegant and timeless piece of fine art with "The Heirloom Bouquet"

Your bouquet will be transformed into a unique photographic composition with custom hand calligraphy. Other beautiful methods of preservation include letting your flowers dry or freeze framing your bouquet.




There are so many people and places that could be brightened by your wedding florals. A great idea is to donate your flowers to a local organisation in your community.

Contact your local Cancer Council, Hospital, a Retirement Home or Hospice. Your bunches will be sure to brighten the days of the staff and residents. You may even be able to claim part of your wedding flowers as a tax deductable donation.




Okay, so potpourri isn't for everyone. But If you want to treasure your bouquet for just a little longer consider letting it dry and turning the dried petals into a beautiful bowl of potpourri. Not only will it make a great center piece in your home it will remind you of your special day for months to come.




If you happen to be wed in your local city or town and are close to the memorials of your lost loved ones, consider taking your blooms to them. It's a great way to honour and treasure their memory.

 If you have any more ideas or suggestions on how you can re-use your wedding day bouquets & florals, we would love to hear about them in the comments!


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Free Mother's Day Printable

24/04/2018 2:09 PM


With Mother's Day just around the corner, we thought we would whip up a little treat perfect for your mum, mama, mummy, mom, mumma... whatever name she goes by, this printable card will be the perfect way to say I love you this Mother's Day!

To get your hands on this Free Printable, simply click the button below.



Once it loads, you can choose to right click to save the 5x7" JPEG file. Simply print your cards at home, post it on social media, take it to your local photo center to have printed or upload it to one of our 'Print My Design' templates and we will print it for you!

Make sure that you let us know if you use it online! FB: PaperDivasAustralia and Instagram: PaperDivasAus



You’re free to use and enjoy this artwork by Paper Divas, but you can not redistribute it commercially or claim it as your own.

If you used or loved this printable then let us know in the comments!

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Donut Walls For Every Occasion

17/04/2018 2:47 PM




I've been noticing an abundance of donuts popping up on the Paper Divas Instagram feed lately. They all look so delicious and they're making my mid-morning rice cake look like a piece of cardboard!! Seriously if you haven't already, pop over and check out #weddingdonuts and you will be left in awe.

So what is the deal with all these Donuts? Weddings, Bridal and Baby Showers, Engagements, Kids and Adult parties - it seems no party is complete without at least one wall devoted to donuts. It's the latest trend and it will make any party instantly awesome.

Donut walls are super easy to set up and let's face it... everyone loves donuts - donut they!? Think affordability, ease of serving, portion control and variety! So many flavours and frosting choices... its the perfect alternative to a boring fruit cake!



This Tropical and Festive Bridal Shower featured on Green Wedding Shoes is so lust worthy. A simple pastel pink board filled with white frosted Donuts teamed with gold balloons, tassles and fresh florals. This is the perfect backdrop for an afternoon tea with all your best friends.




O Happy Days have created this bright colour wheel of donuts using a pegboard, some bright coloured paint and matching frosting. This would be the talk of any party, and while you may not have the amazing stylists and photographers at O Happy Days to set it up for you, I bet if you follow their guide and use your own creativity your party will be featured on all of your friends Insta stories for days!



We just couldnt go past this gorgeous pic of Ashley and Jacob featured on Le Jardin Weddings. A stunning mismatched wall of donuts would beat any photobooth wall! Just add greenery!




We adore this Donut display featured on Lifes Little Celebrations. This modern, playful and unique setting would also be ideal for a baby shower or Hens party! The Silver, grey and black is such a great colour combination it would suit so many occasions.


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Q&A with a wedding planner

13/04/2018 11:10 AM



The highly-anticipated excitement of planning your dream wedding day, can quickly be over-shadowed by overwhelm and anxiety once you realise just how many decisions you need to make! If you're feeling stressed by the prospect of choosing the right venue, flowers, photographer and even if you need to send Save the Date cards, then why not consider engaging with a Wedding Planner! We had a quick 5-minute chat with local Gold Coast wedding consultant & planner Angela from WOMAN and WIFE Weddings to get a feel for her approach, and how she can truly make your wedding day unique. Her company specialise in same-sex weddings, and she has a wealth of knowledge on the local wedding industry, all the way from Byron Bay to Noosa Heads!


Angela, thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge & expertise with us. Can you first explain a bit about your business & what made you decide to become a personal wedding consultant and planner?
I myself, Angela, can now marry my Beyonce Kelly this year and share the celebration of  love & commitment we have for each other with all of our children, family and friends. This has inspired me to share the journey with others and to be a part of such a significant and memorable event.
At last YES we can marry the same sex and all LOVE can be accepted and be treated the same with a commitment to marriage. As an experienced and committed Consultant and Planner I have passion and local expertise in event co-ordination ensuring that everything my couples have envisioned, comes together perfectly on their special day. I love getting to know my couples, with many of them becoming friends and providing a day they will truly never forget.



What makes your approach to wedding planning different to other vendors?
WOMAN and WIFE draw on experience in project management as well as a strong network of amazing suppliers in the business. We work closely alongside you and our recommended chosen suppliers, leading up to and on the day of your wedding. We want to create a day as amazing and individual as the couple themselves and our level of commitment can assure you peace of mind and exciting journey to the main event.
We have a package that provides you with a 'one stop shop' consultation specialist for the first step of your planning process. Over an informal chat together, we can create the perfect vision of your special day. I will then contact our highly recommended service providers that we work closely with and coordinate the initial proposals/pricing for you. This will allow you to begin the decision making process a little less hassle free.

Alternatively, you've booked a few of the big things; venue and caterer for example, but you need help with all the other suppliers and advice on how to tie it all together. We can arrange a meeting to find out exactly where you're up to and where you need the help. From here we will take over the responsibility of coordinating initial proposals/pricing and present them to you.



Do you offer different types of packages that are tailor made to individual needs and budgets?
We can be that one point of contact to oversee and direct proceedings to make sure everything you have dreamt is set up exactly as you envisioned, without having to make it happen yourself. We offer different levels to suit every couple, including the One Stop Shop, Wedding Day PA, and the Set Up and Pack Down Package. 
Our little black book of contacts include; Venues, Celebrants, Outfits, Photography/Videography, Florists, Hair & Make-Up, Jewellers, Wedding cake, Entertainment, Wedding Invitations and Matching Stationery as well as Transport.
We aim to take care of all or part of your wedding depending on your needs. We tailor our services to your requirements ensuring you have peace of mind and confidence that you will have exactly the wedding day you had in mind – without the stress and extreme demands involved in the organisation.

We know that your business specialses in same-sex marriage - how has this recent law change in Australia affected the landscape for the wedding industry?
WOMAN and WIFE understand that each couple is different. Some have dreamt of this day since they could remember. For others it has just become a reality. Either way we all want our day to be memorable.
And finally, tell us a bit about where you live & why you think that people will love to get married there!
I live in Palm Beach QLD on the border of NSW near the accessible Gold Coast airport. Easy access for guests and plenty of accommodation to choose from and above all pretty much guaranteed amazing weather for your special day. With various venues to offer for every taste in my portfolio to make your dream a reality.
Thank you for your valuable insights & advice Angela! Keen to know more, or would you like to become a vendor? Contact WOMAN and WIFE weddings directly on their Facebook page or website.
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Will You Be My Bridesmaid

22/01/2018 3:40 PM

Bridesmaids are our sisters, our sisters to be and our friends who are like sisters. They are the beautiful souls who we have shared the ups and downs of life with. They are the women who have been there for us when times have been dark or the road has taken an unexpected turn. They are the ones who have been with us just living, laughing and simply enjoying the blessings of life.

Bridesmaids are our wedding safe guard making sure we don’t make hideous flower choices or take the wedding planning so serious we fall into a heap. Bridesmaids are the beautiful women who will keep us sane in times of wedding stress and remind us to smile when the cake accidently falls of the bench the night before the wedding.

And most importantly our Bridesmaids are the beautiful women who will stand next to us as we marry the person of our dreams.

So these beautiful ladies are pretty special to us... and I think it's safe to say we need to ask them the big question in the most special way.  The beautiful collection of ideas below will help you decide on the best way to ask your special girls to be your Bridesmaids!





There is something so lovely about receiving a beautiful package of goodies. This lovely box is from The Bridal Box Co and we think it is the perfect way to ask your best girls to be your Bridemaids. This gift box is not only a lovely gesture but will be super handy on your wedding day! And the sneaky bottle of Champagne will be just what is needed to calm those wedding day nerves.




We connect with our friends in so many ways, whether it be double tapping a pic on Instagram or liking a post on facebook, sending a snap chat or a quick txt. But it is becoming less and less common for us to write a letter to each other! This is why it is such a thoughtful gift to receive a hand written note. One that your lovely ladies will be sure to keep for a very long time!


Why not set up a beautiful lunch by the sea. Gather some old palettes, drape in a lovely linen or lace table cloth, add a beautiful bunch of stunning flowers and top with the yummiest cheese platter you've ever created! Use throw cushions as seats and place it all on a lovely big picnic rug! Just add your lovely Bridesmaids and you have set the stage for a beautiful and memorable location to ask your lovely ladies the big question!


We love these pretty gifts from Fox Blossom Co. So delicately packaged with the sweetest little message. These will surely win the hearts of your bridemaids and they will be so pleased to wear these beautiful jewels down the isle.



To help out our beautiful Brides To Be we are offering 4 free "Will you be my Bridesmaid" Printables

1. Click each image to download your free printable

2. Your browser will open the file for you to simply right-click and save

3. If you would like us to print them for you, simply load your artwork into this C6 card template on our website.




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