In the run up to your wedding, creating a gift registry is one of the many things that you’ll want to think about. Perhaps you are so focused on the big day itself that you haven’t even considered the gifts, but all of your guests want to honour you with a little something to celebrate this huge milestone in your life.

Traditional wedding registries are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With the average couple getting married much later on in life, they have often already lived together and have no need for the typical wedding gifts that would simply end up gathering dust in a cupboard. Plus, wedding guests don't have time to visit department stores to choose a gift!

We have seen a huge increase in people who are directing their guests to their online registry. Online cash registries have provided a perfect solution to this, allowing guests to contribute to your gift list online and allowing couples to receive the cash equivalent so that they can spend it on anything they want. Here in Australia, there are a few different options available to future brides and grooms, we just love Zankyou, and here's why!



(Picture this: No boxed gifts at your wedding day!!)


Guests chip in towards that crazy skydive you're planning on your honeymoon...

Many modern day couples have already established a home with all of the objects that they could ever need, so they really don’t want more toasters and silverware. Besides, your guests want you to spend their money on something that you really want; they don’t want to waste their money on something you’ll never use. Zankyou is a cash only registry, meaning that you will never receive a physical gift, but instead you’ll receive 100% of the money that your guests have contributed and you can spend it on absolutely anything you want.

And the best bit, you can itemise your registry so that your guests know specifically what they are contributing towards (i.e. a cruise in the Mediterranean, accommodation in Paris or perhaps something really crazy like skydiving in the Maldives!).Your guests will be thrilled for you to use their contribution for something that really makes you happy!


Cousins over in Italy can contribute too!

As a result of the increasing number of marriages between people of different nationalities, wedding guests nowadays come from all over the world. Zankyou is bilingual and guests can choose to contribute in 11 different currencies (which also avoids more pesky fees!).


Even Great Aunt Dorris can figure it out...

Who has time to fluff around building a website, checking a wedding-only email address or managing phonecalls from your Great Aunt Dorris who wants to check on what colour linen tablecloth to buy you?!

You can create your registry in just a few clicks and if you’re really pressed for time, you can even use one a ready-made gift registries which contain gifts that have been selected according to four different lifestyle options: Traditional, Modern, Design, Experience.

Save everyone time and stress by pointing them to what you really want via the free app of your online registry! And if Great Aunt Dorris needs to brush up on her computer skills, Zankyou will accept contributions over the phone! Phew, crisis overted...

(Zankyou transfer the full cash equivalent of the gifts received to the PayPal account of your choice, with no waiting around until after the wedding!)




Put your own creative flair into it!

You can edit the design, colours, texts and images to reflect your personality and your taste with a Zankyou registry. You also get to choose the name and personal web address too. This will be handy to print onto your wishing well cards when you send out your wedding invitations.

Also as another special touch, Zankyou lets your guests write their own special message at the time of contributing and then they will print them off individually onto beautiful cards and post them to you after your wedding!


You don't get stung with large fees

Reading the fine print is not the most exciting part of setting up your registry - but trust us you don't want to get lumped with too many fees! Zankyou is transparent about it's rates, which are the lowest on the market. What’s more, many companies charge both you and your guests. With their service, you can choose whether you or your guests cover the fees, so if you choose the second option Zankyou’s services will be completely free for you!

(They charge 2.95% of the total contribution made per guest with a 99¢ transaction fee and that’s it. There is no other costs and they don’t even charge any type of commission for transfers to your PayPal account).


We understand that the build up to your wedding can be hectic and stressful, so make it one step simpler by setting up an online registry! Easy for you, and your guests contribute from the comfort of their own home in their PJs!! Ahh so simple!